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THE HERBERY 78th Vs 2020

"Unexpected" is not a deal-breaker for The Herbery. Cannabis has dealt with unexpected people, places, and things for centuries. Droughts, floods, legality, and so much more. Like cannabis, The Herbery chooses adaptation.

Renovation of the 1401 NE 78th Street building was already underway when 2020 decided to go insane. Since there's no good reason to build a garage next to a burning building, we changed our priorities. Online ordering was developed and launched ASAP. Reliability is important. Growth is important as well, so we continue to adjust and improve. If we are going to say we care about people this is where we prove it. Empathy is essential.

As the months went on we were in a holding pattern with the NE 78th Street location. While the interior was developed and honed, we waited with baited breath for our last approval to open. Then we got the call. Time to move. We had a plan before COVID and we had adapted it in response... because, you know, reality exists. We watched the CDC like a hawk and had the doors open in days. Metered, measured, sanitized, and spaced.

Then we could really get the word out. A sort of "super-soft" opening if you will. As we worked for signage approval our new neighbors, old friends, and folks just traveling I-5 were coming in for prerolls, flower, vape pens and cartridges, edibles, dabs... as we had hoped people immediately started exploring the dispensary and cannabis products.

Getting anything cannabis related out for everyone to see is... controlled. It's understandable, cannabis is not for minors because all-the-reasons. It does make for interesting challenges though. Like the big sign we inherited at the 1401 NE 78th Street location. At legal size, the logo would look sad. Since positivity is at our heart, sad is less than appealing. So we did what we often do. We looked to the community. How can we use this as an opportunity to share positivity?

Everyday, I-5 sees thousands of tires headed back and forth. Thousands of eyes see the same sights... we knew that being so close, we'd be seeing a lot of I-5 travelers. They'd also see us. We decided to use the sign's largest space to make a sight worth seeing. The Herbery loves Vancouver, we love our community and the Pacific Northwest. So the inspiration for the poll sign was easy. On the front of the building, The Herbery's logo sign on the building is a fun one. It glows in purple and green. Just like our favorite plant. We also restored the nostalgic dragons and put them up front because they are absolutely glorious and deserve respect.

When security welcomes you in through the double door entrance, you stand before a wide open floor, glass cases, and Herbtenders to welcome you. You could play dodge-ball on the sales floor. Please don't though. There's glass everywhere and you'll poke an eye out. We'll be there for assistance as you explore and discover cannabis at The Herbery at 1401 NE 78th Street Vancouver, Washington.


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