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The cannabis industry deserves a better reputation than years past. We are defining that. The Herbery has a culture of kindness and consideration. One of empathy, honesty, respect, and integrity. It's all because, at the core, our staff is full of "people-people". Folks who enjoy sharing and caring.

All of our Herbtenders are certified before day one. This provides a wealth of information on the latest and greatest in cannabis culture, product, and science. It also solidifies their general knowledge and service skills to ensure you the best recommendations. You can consider us a resource for all things cannabis.

We are honored to

have been voted as the:

Best of Clark County

6 x Winner of Best Dispensary


5 x Winner of Best Head Shop


3 x Best Budtender Winner


We proudly serve the greater Vancouver area, including Brush Prairie, Salmon Creek, Felida, Lake Shore, Hazel Dell, Five Corners, Battle Ground, Ridgefield, Walnut Grove, Orchards, Minnehaha, Livingston, Hockinson, Woodland, Camas, and Washougal! As we have two stores extremely close to the state border and Portland, we're happy to provide premium cannabis to many folks in Oregon!

We carry cannabis in many forms. Flower, prerolls, dabs, edibles, inhalers, capsules, beverages, ointments, lotions, and much more. All of which is known to have a side effect... happiness.

Herbtender Behind the Counter

What's the story?

In 2014, you had options for retail cannabis in Vancouver. Yet, there was still this stigma about using cannabis. A lingering taboo. People still pictured deals in the back of a parking lot or some nasty alleyway shop. They thought of phrases like “gateway drug” and “the devil’s lettuce”. But like many others, Jim Mullen and Rick Zahler knew that cannabis goes by many names. Names like herb, tea, weed, reefer, etc. When you’re popular, chances are you’ll have a nickname or two; and cannabis has been extremely popular throughout time. That said, it still deserved much more accurate representation of the diversity in cannabis users. Someone needed to clear out the cultural rumor-mill.

"We set out to find the best people who could provide a level of customer service that this industry needs…”, said Jim Mullen when interviewed during that first year. That spirit of putting in the time, care, and the work to make something truly great is at our roots. So with that in mind, you can’t just stop with the search for a fantastic staff. The products must be premium. There needs to be an option for any person looking. The options must be reliable, effective, and convenient. So Jim and Rick personally visited growers, manufacturers, and processors to inspect their standards firsthand. These include indoor, outdoor, and greenhouse grows from across the state.



As they opened the doors at the 164th location and the 6018 NE St Johns Road location in turn, they literally hit the streets with flyers and positivity to share; they even christened the store with Sir Mix-A-Lot. Yes, that one. When it’s time to get the word out and your industry is exceptionally regulated, you get creative. With all the high-quality flower, prerolls, dabs and concentrates, vape cartridges, edibles, topicals, and so much more in the store, the word was good. It took work. That work turned out to be incredibly rewarding and memorable. Friends were made, stories told, and roots began to take hold.


The Herbery was voted as the Best in Clark County 2015 for the first time. It was a huge indicator that a blend of fun and professionalism in the cannabis industry was something folks were really craving! As the word got out and more was learned about customers’ wants and needs, The Herbery adapted and grew it’s inventory. Different folks take different tokes and whatnot. The staff training developed, the procedures and standards expanded. This is only possible with an open ear and authentic care for the voices of customers. The Herbery respects and appreciates that.

In 2016, The Herbery’s 330 NE Chkalov Drive location opened up. It is moments from the Washington/Oregon state line and just a dip off I-205. New samples kept coming in and the science of cannabis continued to evolve. So did The Herbery, it’s communal relationships, and customer base. Some of those relationships include heavily acclaimed vendors like Cedar Creek Cannabis, Indoor Sunshine Farms, and Fairwinds


The St. Johns store, originally located up a less-than-super-convenient set of stairs, was completely moved to the first floor and expanded in 2018. When a new landlord and bank took over the property at the 164th location they decided not to renew with a retail cannabis business. So the search was on for a location that best serves the area. The Herbery continued it’s Best of Clark County winning streak and continued efforts to define the retail business of cannabis.

St Johns

Throughout the turbulent year that was 2020, The Herbery shined a light on perseverance and empathy. Online ordering was developed and launched immediately when covid struck. Feedback was taken and implemented. Very early on, The Herbery enacted safety and sanitation measures above and beyond CDC recommendations because health matters. Then, the new third store was approved to open. 

Throughout 2020, 1401 NE 78th Street location was opened with unwavering care for health and safety. It’s seconds from I-5 and it’s very, very, large. It affords folks to have plenty of space for exploring all the different products that are available. The restored dragons that once adorned the sign for the previous buildings long-time tenant, Dragon King Restaurant, are now affixed to the building's face as a nod to history and respect for the community.

NE 78th

In October of 2020, The Herbery’s 12001 NE Fourth Plain Blvd location opened to serve the community that had once been most conveniently located to the old 164th location. Smiling faces back again, new folks with which to share cannabis. The Herbery constructed the building for customer service. The parking, online order pickup, in store layout, lighting, you get it. The Herbery put themselves in the eyes of the customer and asked, “What makes for a good cannabis shopping experience to me?”.

Blvd is our smallest and most specialized store. It is a medically certified dispensary wherein you can get any medical cannabis questions answered and services rendered. The products carried at Blvd are our most requested and they cover a very wide variety. Like the other locations, here you can find all your smoking accessories like pipes, bongs, dabs rigs, etc. 

Work @ The Herbery

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