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Fun in the Pacific Northwest

July 2024

Because fun is good.

Here you will find cannabis and non-cannabis related events and happenings. The idea is that they're just awesome, local, good times... we're pretty big fans of awesome good times around here. If you're reading this, you're likely a fan of good times as well. You seem like good people.


Now, we try to list 21+ events only but you may see some great stuff that we couldn't keep secret from you that are, in fact, all ages or 18+ events. Please be responsible and aware of the young folk and the law. We also try to limit listings to things that are day-trip friendly, you won't be hearing about events in Michigan or anything. There will also be the occasional digital content sprinkled in as well... only the best though.


Reminder: Smoking in public view is still illegal... and we like you. So we don't recommend it. ​


This page is updated throughout the month and will have interesting options for locals and visitors at any given time. If you have an event or activity that you'd like to submit, please contact

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