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Cannabis with a conscience from Bodhi High

We'd like to tell you about one of our vendors, but first, check out their grow:

With their roots growing from the medicinal cannabis world, Bodhi High Family Farms has been meticulous in engineering their whole operation for the recreational market. They are 100% pesticide free so their growing skills must be absolutely on point. You already know the simple formula: plants + water + light = bigger plants. Bodhi High has simply put in the time and work to master that formula without the need for the harsh chemicals. Nature knows best and they prove it.

Some jobs are just there to pay the bills... but some jobs are so rewarding that you naturally go above and beyond what's expected. We've found that working for people who legitimately care about you can go a long way. Bodhi High is proof of this, like Trevor Millhorn, AKA “Tank Dog” (pictured below) for instance. He's a guy who works for Bodhi High. In appreciation they gave him a mass shout out on their social media:

"Tank Dog came on last year as a temporary laborer to help us with harvest and transplanting. We hired him on this season full time, and boy am I thankful we did! Trevor is dependable, a quick study, detail oriented, has a great attitude, never complains, always puts in 110%, and is an all around great guy and champion!

So today we’re moving plants into a greenhouse using dollies, mind you these were 6ft tall plants in 20 gallon pots, not some little baby plants. We didn’t have enough dollies to move the plants as fast as we wanted, so Trevor just start picking up the plants and moving them into place to speed up the process. It cracked me up, he really is a go getter.

Trevor is now a key holder to my farm and has become an important member of the Bodhi High family. We are blessed to have Trevor on our team! Thanks for all your hard work and dedication, brother."

...that is what a good boss sounds like in our book.

While it's nice to know there's true kindness and consideration in the cannabis world, it's also essential that the products reflect that care onto you, the customer. Regarding Bodhi High extracts:

"...Our skilled extraction-artists use a proprietary blend of hydro-carbon solvents when creating our extractions. Through extensive purging, our concentrates go to the market with virtually no residual solvents contained. Our distilled concentrates then go through a twelve step process of further refinement to create the purest form of THC available on the market."

Bodhi High places extreme importance on purity. They lab test every batch per Washington’s state regulations. They implement their own internal standards of excellence, potency, residual solvents, pesticides, mold/mildew, and terpene profiles. They're not playing around. Here's an example of one such analysis of the Platinum Pure Motherload strain featured in their Live Resin Extractions:

Download PDF • 2.87MB

When asked, "What is Bodhi High?" -

“At Bodhi High we are a collective of concisely minded individuals priding ourselves on our work and impact throughout our community by supporting a well balanced lifestyle and sharing a collaborative vision for our brand and future. We hope to continue find our balance and support those around us on the same path by investing in the community and people that make it all count.”

If you haven't already, order and try something from Bodhi High. You'll know that you are buying a finely crafted, pure product and supporting an ethical, local company who treats people right... both in their product and in their actions.


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