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2020 Round 2: Fourth Plain

We missed Orchards and Five Corners. Glad to be back!

Most Vancouver locals just called it “the ducks building”, a quick jump off highway 500 and I-205 with a bikini drive-through coffee booth in the lot. When we heard they were ready to move on, we were interested in moving in. Since we had to close our 164th location, it always felt like a piece of our heart was missing. In an interview with The Columbian, owner Jim Mullen said, “Hazel Dell — our store on 78th Street (opened earlier in 2020) — we had always considered that to be our fourth store,”. The Fourth Plain store is the heart surgery we needed to rejoin our fantastic community.

The building itself needed some work… okay, a lot of work. So instead of patching it up, we tore it down to the bones and rebuilt our vision of a convenient, fun, and professional retail cannabis dispensary. We began work as soon as possible. Covid proved to offer some extra hurdles but as with all things, we’re willing to put in the work that great results require.

October 14th marked the grand opening of The Herbery’s 12001 NE Fourth Plain Boulevard location.

Our glorious street sign was allowed to stand for about a month before we were required to scale down the size of the logo to 1600 square inches. But hey, we get it, fair is fair. Our new sign has some fun with the background while not smacking you in the face with neon, flashing, car-lot style. Our stores are about the freedom to explore, discuss, and discover cannabis not keeping tabs on maximizing sales numbers. We believe in positivity and we care about people. We find that has an addictive quality, happy people seem to enjoy being happy. We’re interested in keeping that going.

The parking lot has plenty of room for rush hour and the online pickup spots are right outside of the door for the fastest possible online-order pickups. The building's sign stands off the wall and softly glows with our subtle teal and purple. The building has a glass face so you can see our huge inventory and comfortable decor before entering.

When security opens the door for ID check, you see wall-to-wall glass cases of product, as well as, products lining the walls themselves. Oh, you want that super-specific product function? Looking to fiend something like that amazing strain you had a while ago? An actually delicious edible or beverage? We have all of it, really. You can see the live menu at each of our locations here if you’re curious. We also recommend taking advantage of our twice-certified Herbtenders should you have questions and/or general interest in the world of cannabis.

Fourth Plain is growing with our customers! You’ll find funny, cute, and beautiful nick-nacks around the store. See if you can find the unicorn, it’s there, promise. Customers have been bringing in art to contribute and we couldn’t be happier. There’s some legal restrictions but in general we can and are proud to share our store’s feel with our customers!

When security welcomes you in through the double door entrance, you stand before a wide open floor, glass cases, and Herbtenders to welcome you. You could play dodge-ball on the sales floor. Please don't though. There's glass everywhere and you'll poke an eye out. We'll be there for assistance as you explore and discover cannabis at The Herbery at 1401 NE 78th Street Vancouver, Washington.


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