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Flying into PDX? Get cannabis minutes after you land.

First, welcome to the Pacific Northwest! There is a lot of fun and beauty here.... pretty much everywhere. Speaking of beauty, you probably already know that cannabis is legal here in Washington. If you care to partake in the Devil's lettuce, you can get our premium cannabis products minutes after you land! Skip the Cinnabon on your way out of the airport and come get something your body will thank you for!

PDX to The Herbery Chkalov in half a minute:


  1. Leave the airport. That will put you on Airport Way.

  2. Keep to the left and follow signs for I-205 NORTH SEATTLE.

  3. Take Exit 28A-B-C. Keep to the left of the offramp to continue on 28C.

  4. Exit 28C hits Chkalov Drive at a traffic light. Turn right and we're right there!

The Herbery | Chkalov

330 NE Chkalov Drive

Vancouver, Washington


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