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Brent Roy, Herbtender

Some pot shops have a culture of elitism. You'll be talked-down-to for asking questions or scoffed at for having an opinion.

Meet Brent Roy (video below). The antidote for snobbery in the cannabis dispensary world.

People will say, "I'd like to have a beer with that guy" when they talk about someone they're comfortable with. Brent is the kind of guy you want to smoke a bowl with... and it would be no surprise if you ended up talking about the nature of the universe or some other super interesting topic. He's a smarty pants and a natural researcher. You'll notice if you talk about weed with him, he has truly dedicated himself to cannabis.

If you have questions about weed, products, strains, terpenes, techniques... Brent is a solid, easy-going, resource.


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